About us
Challenge Management
The concept of Challenge Management was born out of our experiences where we noticed that clients were frequently frustrated at the length of time spent sorting out mundane problems, on a variety of projects, which was unnecessary and  wasteful of valuable time and that kept them away from their core duties.

Our solution is to have a unique team ready and able to approach these tasks, on behalf of the client, to deliver for them with the diligence and professionalism that allows smooth, continuous management and a robust conclusion for each and every project whatever they might be.


Our Vision

To successfully grow a business client list second to none, with the emphasis on repeat business, and to grow through good will, merit and reputation, by having a small dedicated team who know each of our clients and their individual requirements.

We aim to expand as a business through our consistent reliability and focus on our clients’ needs. We want to be the ‘service provider of choice’ for whatever role is required. We intend to broaden our skill base and client list by taking on diverse construction projects and not simply limiting ourselves to one area either of work or geography.

Why us?

Challenge Management is about exactly what our name suggests - to manage the challenge for our clients, to help them deliver their expectation in a way that leaves them free to carry out their day to day routines. We are here to offer advice, to manage all types and aspects of construction projects for them.