St John the Apostle Church
In November 2012, Challenge Management started work on the St John the Apostle church in Luton to replace the roof and windows and renovate the church exterior and interior. We also organised the removal of asbestos and treated damp in some of the walls through specialist sub-contractors.

When we were first presented with this job, the original scope of works was to replace the roof only. After our honest quote was presented, we were asked to quote for more work. In the end we had essentially delivered a complete refurbishment of the church for less than some builders had quoted for just the new roof. This isn’t because we use cheap labour and materials but is simply because we only present honest and reliable quotes.

The weather posed a risk to the project finish date, which was highlighted to our client before work commenced and did cost us some delay but our client was kept up to date with this throughout the project. Building work can be affected by the weather and unfortunately at times there is little that can be done to avoid it.

Challenge Management were proud to deliver the finished product a little over time but on budget and within the quality standards of the specification of works and the parishioners are now able to enjoy their church once again.



“Challenge Management provide an efficient and economic service to our Diocese covering a whole  range of services from reactive maintenance, planned maintenance and building works. However their real skill is best illustrated by reference to a major project they carried out at one of our churches in Luton. The building needed a complete roof replacement but the estimated costs were more than the parish could afford so the parishioners were warned that the church would have to close”.

“By innovative thinking and discussion with a wide range of people with experience and a similar ‘can-do’ approach, Challenge Management were able to offer a solution to the re-roofing challenge at a price which the parish could afford and prevent the closure of the church."

Hugh Davies , Director of Finance and Development NRCD